Hard drives, Removables, Optical, and Tape drives

Z-Ware Systems carries a variety of different storage products for both PC and Macintosh platforms. We carry ATAPI/IDE, SATA, and SCSI hard drives, in 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch form factors, as well as solid state drives in ATAPI/IDE and SATA. All of these can be purchased in internal and external models, and we also carry external cases so that the drive that we take out of your machine when upgrading it can be re-purposed as an external drive.

We also carry backup tape drives, from companies such as HP Colorado and IOMEGA.

We carry CD-ROM, CD/RW, DVD-ROM, DVD/RW, and dual layer drives, and we can order Blu-Ray reader and writer drives. We have external enclosures for these drives as well, so we can convert an internal drive into an external one if you need that.

At Z-Ware Systems, we are a strong advocate in the ounce of prevention that is provided by a good backup strategy. It's much easier to back your system up before a problem happens than to recover the data after the disaster. We have backup software that can be used to automatically back up a single system, or even multiple systems over a network, whether your system is a PC or Macintosh.

We generally don't put prices on our Web site, but you can eitherE-MAIL us or telephone us at (609) 585-8415 for price quotations on single piece or volume purchases. We will also install your storage items if you purchase them from us. We also can move your data from your old hard drive to your new one if you're upgrading.
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